Friday, August 03, 2007

Toner and Ink Supplies

One of the things you need to know about computer printing is that the printer itself is the cheapest part of the deal. The ink, famously, is more expensive (per ml) than the finest champagne. So it's worth remembering two things about your printer supplies.

The first is that you need to look around to buy them as cheaply as possible. Fortunately, discount toner is a simple thing to find: just go to Inkers for the best prices and deals around. As it costs them the same amount to process a $500 sale as it does a $50 one, they make sure that they offer the best bulk toner deals around. They've also got free UPS ground shipping on al orders, savin you even more money.

The second thing you want to remember is to make sure that you look at the prices of toners and inkjet cartridges before you buy a printer. It's only this way that you can balance the original purchase (or capital) cost againt the ongoing running costs. If you print very little it might make sense to buy a cheap printer with expensive inks. If you print a lot, you might get a lower total cost of ownership by going to the brand wth cheaper ink, whatever the cost of the actual printer.

So, two goo reasons to check out Inkers, either before or after you buy your printer.