Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coupons! Coupons!

Now we all know how and wherre to get our coupons, don't we? Yes, you look in the newspaper, clip the ones you want and then off you go to save money. However, when you're about to go shopping online, thenwhere do you go? You're not going to get online coupons out of the newspaper now, are you? This is where those fine people at Coupon Chief come in.

They offer a serive where you can simply get into their site and download all of the coupons you could possibly need for your online shopping. For example, here's their page of Dell coupons, here's the Target coupon codes and here's the Overstock online discounts.

There's two ways of using this money saving resource: go and look and see what great coupons there are and then use them to save: or, do what I do. I make my decisions on what I want to buy, then I check the site. If they've got a coupon for money off something I've already decided to buy well, that just makes my day.

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AnimeshSingh said...

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